Catching Up

March 21, 2010

hey everyone. i finally have a blog! im going to post my latest projects from the last week or so just to kinda catch everyone up with some of my stuff. but first ill tell you a little more about me. im 17 and have been crafting my whole life. i LOVE sewing and knitting the best, but i can do it all. i plan on being on Project Runway in a few years (my favorite show if you can tell). and i love to make stuff.

Ive been on spring break for the past week and have been stuck at home with a hurt ankle. so ive been sewing a lot. heres one of my favorites, a skirt i call Down the Rabbit Hole. Its made out of a light grey wool, and was pretty easy. pretty much gathered some rectangles, and then added a waistband and a big bow in the back. I love how the skirt moves, and it makes me feel like the grown up Alice in Wonderland.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

im gonna skip over one of my projects for now, my Love in the Afternoon dress, made from the book Twinkle Sews. that deserves its own post. so my next project is my Falling Away skirt. its pretty simple, a lot like the Down the Rabbit Hole skirt. but this is made in a light cotton floral print, so it hangs very different. This was super easy, but its really cute and perfect for spring.
Photobucket Photobucket

ive been working on two more skirts as well. one of them is like the other two with a gathered and the other is the popular Marie skirt from burda style. heres a peek at the fabric.
Photobucket Photobucket

im off to work on these skirts, and some other projects as well. considereing we have several inches of snow (yes, SNOW in TEXAS in spring…) i will be inside most of the day getting some sewing done 🙂